Non profit for a local skate park

Let them skate

Skate facilities allow youth to develop skills at their own pace, conquering their fears while having great fun and social interaction with their peers. It allows them to have active sports recreation on their own time unlike the strict schedules of organized team sports.  We badly need our own local skate facility which will help make our peninsula more child friendly. We have five golf courses on over 1,300 acres of land, Los Verdes, Trump National, Rolling Hills Country Club, Palos Verdes Golf Course, and Terrenea.  Seventy plus tennis courts, multiple baseball, football, soccer fields, basketball courts, hiking trails, a forty-acre plus archery club, and the sixty-acre million-dollar Abalone Cove Shoreline Park,  yet our children have no real skateboard facility so they are forced to find concrete to skate on at schools or privately owned buildings.  The Rancho  Palos Verdes peninsula has 15,168 acres of land –  a skateable facility would require less than one-half acre.`

This video below was taken at the old Torrance skateboard park which closed years ago.  Skateboarders start at a very young age, the skater below is four years old.  Parents should not have to drive their skaters to Peck Park or Hermosa Beach skate parks which are both about 10 miles one way.

 More SKATE action!

The same peninsula skateboarder in the video below ten years later – after thousands of commuting miles and many hundreds of hours riding in a car to practice skateboarding at legal skate parks in other cities.

Local skateboarders getting ticketed

Skateboarders should have a safe legal place to enjoy their healthy sport. They should not have to worry about a court citation with a monetary fine and mandatory court appearance or a warning citation.


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